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LOTOBuilder FAQs
Is LOTOBuilder customizable?

Absolutely! In addition to all the customizations already available in the system we also provide additional customization services to our clients. Since the launch of our online services we've done dozens of client-specific modifications to our sites. Just give us a call and we can discuss how to accomplish your goals.

If I have legacy procedures, can they be loaded into LOTOBuilder?

Yes, they can. LOTOBuilder provides functionality to upload existing procedures and programs into our system for continued use and a more seemless transition. All you have to do is outline a few pieces of information for the documents when you upload them.

How does multi-location work?

It's actually really simple. As a LOTOBuilder user, you are able to setup as many locations/sites as you wish in the system. This means you can manage your entire organizations lock out tag out system from one central point. In order to use the multi-location feature, at least one user needs to be purchased per location. Each location will have its own set of procedures, employees and users, allowing you to better organize your data.

How many procedures can I build?

Simple answer: unlimited. LOTOBuilder doesnt restrict the number of procedures you can build in our system so you'll never have to worry about running out.

Can I try LOTOBuilder before deciding to purchase?

You may. LOTOBuilder offers a fully-functional trial subscription for 30-days. This will allow you to make sure our system is right for your organization. Just click the "Free Trial" button on this page to get started.

What is LOTO?

LOTO – also known as lockout/tagout or energy isolation – is the practice of locking and tagging a piece of electrical equipment after it has been de-energized. This equipment then cannot be re-energized unless a specific procedure is followed – one which requires the notification and approval of those who de-energized it.

LOTO procedures are commonly used when one piece of equipment needs to be de-energized so that another piece of equipment can be accessed, then inspected or repaired.

LOTO procedures for the control of hazardous energy provide employers with a way to prevent electrical mishaps and ensure that workers will be kept safe from the de-energized equipment while performing necessary tasks. Once the tasks are completed, workers can unlock/untag the de-energized piece of equipment and return it to service following a specific procedure.

When is LOTO Required?

These requirements can be found in their respective sections of the OSHA 29 CFR listing or in those National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards which have been requested by OSHA.

Twenty-five U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have adopted OSHA-approved State Plans, which are identical to or more stringent than U.S. Federal OSHA standards. Similarly, Canada, the U.K., Australia, South Africa, and other countries have established their own LOTO requirements.

LOTOBuilder helps users meet U.S. Federal OSHA requirements for lockout/tagout, which may or may not be more stringent than other countries' requirements.

Large businesses and government agencies can now rely on LOTOBuilder to enable employees to share their knowledge and build highly effective LOTO procedures using organization-wide online accounts.

Smaller businesses can rely on LOTOBuilder because it is the easiest, most straightforward way to produce comprehensive LOTO procedures that meet company and OSHA requirements.

Standard Users
$97 per user per year

Users that can use the full functionality of the site (includes Administrators)

Read-Only Users
$17 per user per year

Users can view and download procedures/programs that others have created

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